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West Side Story

Riverside Theatres, Parramatta  ( Riverside Theatre )

5 - 20 February, 2016

The World's Greatest Love Story

Following the sell-out success of previous show, Mary PoppinsPackemin Productions presented the world's greatest love story, WEST SIDE STORY in February 2016 at the Riverside Theatre. The story of Tony, Maria, The Sharks and The Jets swept up audiences in this timeless multi-award winning Broadway musical, one of the theatre's finest accomplishments.

Inspired by the greatest love story of all time, Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story takes us back to New York's Upper West Side in the mid-1950s where racial and social tensions run high. A poignant, provocative and emotionally powerful piece of theatre, its score features many of legendary composer Leonard Bernstein's and lyricist Stephen Sondheim's most famous compositions – Maria, America, Somewhere and Tonight.

This new production featured Luigi Lucente (Wicked, Jersey Boys, Dogfight) as Tony and Elisa Colla (Les Miserables, Wicked) as Maria. With Rowena Vilar (Sweet Charity, Avenue Q) as Anita and Tony Cogin (Billy Elliot, Dirty Dancing) in the role of Doc.

Perhaps one of the greatest musicals ever written, the classic Leonard Bernstein creation that began Sondheim's career is one of the most performed productions in theatre history.

"Broadway's Greatest Musical"The Times

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Production Team

Director Craig Stewart
Musical Director Peter Hayward
Choreographer Cameron Mitchell


Luigi Lucente as Tony
Elisa Colla as Maria
Rowena Vilar as Anita
Tony Cogin as Doc

Full Cast List

Tony Luigi Lucente
Maria Elisa Colla
Anita Rowena Vilar
Doc Tony Cogin
Bernado Julian Kuo
Riff Jonathan Nash-Daly
Chino Mateo Arias Restrepo
Shrank Jim Mitchell
Krupke Matthew Avery
Anybodys Keira Bellifemine
Action Levi Burrows
Arab and Tony U/S Michael Paton
Rosalia Stephanie Gray
Consuela Kira Leiva
Francesca Jayme Jo Massoud
Gladhand Jordan Vassallo
Child Stella Barahona


Noah Godsell, Rob Thompson, Cameron Shields, Steven Brown, Brad Roe, Joshua O'Connor, Martin Everett

Jet Girls

Kelly Brook, Maddison Burton, Zoe Cahill, Isobel Grundy, Amy Johnstone, Jacinta Robertson, Chloe Rosenberg, Jessica Smithson, Zoe Stewart, Ksenia Teliatnikova


Mark Andres, Nathaniel Augimeri, James Coetzee, Corey Dohmen, Paul Duncan, Arthur – Lucas Koulos, Noah Taiba

Shark Girls

Demi McFarlane, Nathalie Rabinovici, Alana Smyth, Katherine Touma, Maddie Williams


"Rowena Vilar was the stand out performer in the show for me. Her portrayal of the passionate Anita was so electric and fiery; she held the stage and audience with her presence alone. I've always loved the number "America" and she amazed with her vocals and movement." - Stage Whispers 

"This was a powerful, punchy and gripping production featuring some memorable, exuberant dancing." - Sydney Arts Guide

"Packemin have presented a very entertaining and powerful production of this classic musical. The cast and crew have given their all to transport this romantic tragedy to the Riverside Theatre's audiences." - Stage Whispers