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The Wizard Of Oz

Riverside Theatres, Parramatta  ( Riverside Theatre )

8 February - 23 February 2013

Our February 2013 production was the iconic THE WIZARD OF OZ starring Jimmy Rees (Jimmy Giggle on ABC’s Giggle & Hoot) as The Scarecrow, Laura Murphy (Sparkles The Fairy on Channel 9's Magical Tales) as Dorothy, Helpmann Award winning musical theatre performer Luke Joslin (Avenue Q, Annie, Dr Zhivago) as The Tinman, and multi-Mo Award winner Adam Scicluna as The Lion.

Production Team

Director Neil Gooding
Musical Director Peter Hayward
Choreographer Camilla Jakimowicz
Set Designer Josh McIntosh & Neil Shotter
Costume Designer Cassandra Pascoli
Lighting Designer Sean Clarke
Technical Director Neil Shotter, Justin Fitzgerald & Andy Davis
Assistant Director Jordan Vassallo
Production Co-ordinator Katrina Gooding
Make-up Co-ordinator Peter Watson
Children's Co-ordinator Rebecca Mann


Jimmy Rees as The Scarecrow
Laura Murphy as Dorothy
Adam Scicluna as The Lion
Luke Joslin as The Tinman

Full Cast List

The Scarecrow / Hunk Jimmy Rees
Dorothy Gale Laura Murphy
The Lion / Zeke Adam Scicluna
The Tinman / Hickory Luke Joslin
The Wicked Witch / Almira Gultch Zoe Tidemann
The Wizard Of Oz / Prof. Marvel Simon Ward
Glinda Elizabeth Smith
Aunty Em Jan Mahoney
Uncle Henry / Guard Ian Johnson
Dorothy Understudy Kelsi Boyden
The Scarecrow Understudy Mike Curtin
Munchkin Mayor Joshua Williams
Coroner Stephen Edney
Barrister Damian Hempstead
Town Mothers Alannah Pollack, Victoria Shahho
Town Fathers Charlie Oliver, Hudson Musty
The Lullabye League Lainey Grech, Paris Naumovski, Gabriella Puglisi, Charlize Skinner, Delta Tabbernal
The Lollipop Guild Liam Costello, Louis Fontaine, Heath Jelovic, Matthew Simmons, Tanner Woodhead

Adult Ensemble

Ben Anderson, Dominic Augimeri, Jessica Bale, Hannah Bodilly, Kelsi Boyden, Jacqui Bramwell, Julia Brawley, Sophy Carol, Danielle Carter, Alex Chambers, Lauren Chapman, Stephen Charles, Loredana Cross, Romina Cuello, Mike Curtin, Ben de Pagter, Melissa Dinning, Sarah Dolan, Lana Domeney, Susana Downes, Dani El-Rassi, Melissa Faehrmann, Warren Flanagan, Imogen Furniss, Levi Gardner, Darcy Green, Andrew Griscti, Emma Hansen, Jacky James, Andrew Kennaugh, Luke Lamond, Andrew Lindsay, Ashli Marin, James Martin, Emma Mylott, Amy Neville, Courtney Randell, Carolyn Reed, Jessica Rookeward, Chloe Rosenberg, Lynda Sanders, Emma Scarlis, Anthony Severino, Brooke Shelley, Emily Stavropoulos, Amy Stringer, Megan Walshe, Peter Watson, Alyssa Wilkins

Munchkins Ensemble - Featured Cast

Keira Bellifemine, Jackson Biala, Joshua Coppolelli, Analiese Cosentino, Calum Danger, Caitlyn Dunk, James Edney, Jordyn Elliott, Sian Hamilton, Alexander Irby, Claire Malcomson, Julia Manning, Jayme Jo Massoud, Jessie Massoud, Chloe Naumovski, Brieann Rigby, Luke Tabbernal, Austin Ulrich, Belle Urwin, Gabrielle Vaggis, Ella Whelan

Munchkins Ensemble - Blue Cast

Sophie Andrews, Alexis Argyropoulos, Jasmine Argyropoulos, Tara Burnes, Giulia Campos, Emily Cruceanu, Olivia Fahim, Bronte Eagles, Mariah Gonzalez, Renee Hampson, Georgia Jacobsen, Hayden Johnson-de Silva, David Kennaugh, Emma Lindsay, Corben Madden, Tamzin Maddox, Logan Marshall, Hannah Martin, Sydney McLachlan, Caitlin Moseley, Gemma Musty, Erin O'Reilly, Kayley O'Reilly, Sarah-Jo Phillipson, Natalie Saia, Sebastiaan Senstius, Angelina Skinner, Logan Stone, Annabel Tedesco, Monique Tedesco, Courtney Thompson, Julia Thompson, Ula Venckus, Phoebe Volpes, Eirlys Willett, Eloise Williams, Harrison Wood

Munchkins Ensemble - Red Cast

Mabel Bellew, Katarina Butler, Rebecca Butler, Azura Cox, Katherine Drakos, Kate Edney, Ben Faehrmann, Jasmine Gabrielian, Megan Gerigk, Carla Gerigk, Sophie Gerigk, Samuel Gray, Declan Hooke, Mikaela Hooke, Stephanie Hulme, Hannah Kinsella, Karina Kowalczyk, Sylvia Kramlik, Kiyan Lyneham, Amelia McGlinn, Brianna Mealing, Madeline Mealing, Estelle Millington, Crystal Neradilek, Alexia Pappas, Anastacia Pappas, Amelie Park, Lua Pellegrini, Thomas Ryan, Ethan Ryan, Isabella Saville, Aaron Smith, Emileia Vergara, Mikayla Waters, James Waters, Joel Woodhead, Natalie Woods

Munchkins Ensemble - Yellow Cast

Clio Aristedes, Ariella Azzopardi, Ashley Blunden, Sienna Davis, Josh Dormor, Ethan Fitzgerald, Isabella Gilbert, Sasha Gordon, Amelie Gowlett, Michelle Hamilton, Edward Joseph, Liam Kirley, Jovana Linjakovic, Nikolina Linjakovic, Alexandra Lossy , Jasmin Mancuso, Cameron McCredie, Ellie McGill, Stephanie Molloy, Elise Morley, Emilie Ollis, Felicity Palmer, Danielle Peters, Maddison Pritchard, Jackson Ryan, Chloe Ryan, Ainsley Smythe, Annalise Spooner, Kaitlyn Tavoletti, Callum Thomas, Jessie Urwin, Marne van Zyl, Abi Watt, Josiah Watt, Kate Wheeler, Kayla Wong


"bursting with playfulness, a loving romp through Oz while retelling one of our most beloved stories." - Aussie Theatre 

"Musically the production is a triumph. Peter Hayward leads an outstanding pit orchestra, creating a lavish sound which does full justice to the classic score of songs and the extensive underscoring, complementing the performances." - Stage Whispers

"Laura Murphy is Dorothy, bringing all her sensibility from children's television into a warm and wide-eyed charmer, all innocence and sweetness and vocal clarity. Her rag-tag bunch of Ozian friends are heavy on the slapstick (the audience shrieked with laughter) and yet still maintained the integrity of the show." - Aussie Theatre 

"Adam Scicluna as Zeke and the Cowardly Lion ('Courage!') has a magnificent time hamming it up and stealing the show every chance he gets, and was especially impressive with his huge tenor aria, 'If I Were King of the Forest' – brilliant. The audience was in fits over his hilarious antics and in-jokes, and the children loved him." - ArtsHub