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The Phantom of the Opera

Riverside Theatres, Parramatta  ( Riverside Theatre )

6 - 21 February 2015

Our production for February 2015 at Riverside Theatres is the world's most popular musical,

Production Team

Director Neil Gooding
Assistant Director Shaun Rennie
Musical Director Peter Hayward
Choreographer Camilla Jakimowicz
Assistant Choreographer Danielle Carter
Lighting Designer Sean Clarke
Sound Designer Simon Koenig
Technical Director Neil Shotter


Ben Mingay as Phantom
Erin Clare as Christine
Joshua Keane as Raoul
Johanna Allen as Carlotta

Full Cast List

Phantom Ben Mingay
Christine Erin Clare
Raoul Joshua Keane
Carlotta Johanna Allen
Piangi Claudio Sgaramella
Madame Giry Michele Lansdown
Meg Giry Kelsi Boyden & Ksenia Teliatnikova
Andre Christopher Hamilton
Firmin Gavin Brightwell
Buquet Peter Avery
Lefevre Andy Davis
Reyer Matthew Avery
Auctioneer Levi Burrows
Pasarino Levi Gardner
Don Atilio Luke Dux Lamond
Confidante Monique Lewis Reynolds
Phantom & Raoul (Understudy) Gavin Brightwell
Christine (Understudy) Jessica Lucianna Di Bartolo
Carlotta (Understudy) Chloe Angel
Firmin (Understudy) Daniel Milne


Sally Alrich-Smythe, Jacqui Anderson, Chloe Angel, Karen Astill, Peter Avery, Matthew Avery, Steven Brown, Levi Burrows, Stephanie Cassar, Stephen Charles, Natalie Davis-Pratt, Jessica Di Bartolo, Levi Gardner, Ballina Gee, Barret Griffin, Erin Hosking, Tamasin Howard, Ian Johnson, Anna Kleibert, Luke Lamond, Monique Lewis-Reynolds, Daniel Milne, Jim Mitchell, Amy Neville, Joshua O'Connor, Stephen Ollis,Michael Paton, Michael Payer, Jessica Rookeward, Suzanne Spiteri

Ballet Corps

Ashley Bauerfeind, Mikhaila Chaplin, Charlotte Davison, Kara Green, Isobel Grundy, Cameron Forwood, Jayme Jo Massoud, Rebecca Morris, Jessica Sheather


"Johanna Allen is glorious as the flouncing opera diva Carlotta, unleashing a torrent of crocodile tears, pouts and indignant demands. Her comic timing is impeccable and she nails the role vocally." - Jo litson 

"Johanna Allen is the star of the show as diva Carlotta, who has never been so alive and so funny; Allen is a considerable gift to the production because her sense of comic timing is impeccable. She huffs and sighs and objects with trills and bursts of indignant sound, she carries herself with all Carlotta's inflated sense of importance, and it's hilarious." - Aussie Theatre 

"In the title role, Ben Mingay's vocal muscularity and masculinity make for a rewarding and surprising Phantom; singing in a strong baritone throughout, there was little hint of the Michael Crawford style falsetto." - Stage Whispers 

"Camilla Jakimowicz and her ballet corps and her choreography is lively and inclusive. There's something boisterous about it, even when it's refined, which helps to make the old-fashioned style of the show's internal operas much more charming." - Aussie Theatre