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Mamma Mia!

Riverside Theatres, Parramatta  ( Riverside Theatre )

11 - 26 February 2022

Here we go again!

Packemin Productions is bringing back the party to Riverside Theatres with their hit production of MAMMA MIA!

Featuring hit after hit from the incredible songs of ABBA including Dancing Queen, Voulez Vous, S.O.S, Take a Chance On Me and The Winner Takes It All, MAMMA MIA! tells the hilarious and heart-warming story of a young woman's search for her birth father. On the eve of her wedding, a daughter's quest to discover the identity of her father brings three men from her mother's past back to the island they last visited 20 years ago.

A mother. A daughter. Three possible dads. And a trip down the aisle you'll never forget! MAMMA MIA! is the perfect musical for the whole family.

Production Team

Director Courtney Cassar & Jordan Vassallo
Musical Director Peter Hayward
Choreographer Sally Dashwood
Associate Musical Director Rachel Kelly
Set Designer Josh McInotsh
Costume Designer Audrey Currie
Design & Head of Make-up, Hair and Wigs Karen Lamont-Barnett


Louise Butler as Donna
Courtney Bell as Sophie
Deborah Krizak as Tanya
Rachael Gillfeather as Rosie
Scott Irwin as Sam
Mark Simpson as Bill
Nat Jobe as Harry
Joe Kalou as Skye
Megan Stack as Ali
Tonieka Del Rosario as Lisa
Sam Harmon as Pepper
Cameron Boxall as Eddie
Jim Mitchell as Father Alexandrios

Full Cast List

Donna Louise Butler
Sophie Courtney Bell
Tanya Deborah Krizak
Rosie Rachael Gillfeather
Sam Scott Irwin
Bill Mark Simpson
Harry Nat Jobe
Skye Joe Kalou
Ali Megan Stack
Lisa Tonieka Del Rosario
Pepper Sam Harmon
Eddie Cameron Boxall
Father Alexandrios Jim Mitchell
Sophie U/S Tonieka Del Rosario
Sky U/S Tom Kelly
Harry U/S Cameron Boxall
Ali/Lisa U/S Fiorella Bamba
Pepper U/S Cameron Boxall
Eddie U/S Joshua Dormer


Aden Abeleda, Mark Aggar, Vanessa Agius, Felicity Amos, Fiorella Bamba, Rachel Bendeich, Alison Benstead, Jackson Bunting, Sally Dangar, Daniella Delfin, Joshua Dormer, Ethan Dzang, Lyndon Frkyberg, Laura Garrick, Georgia Gourlay, Siroun Jelenkerian, Tom Kelly, Lauren Kessler, Nathaniel Lawson, Tara Lide, Grace Lizzio, Hannah Mackay, Rebecca Mann, Rachael Mayrick, Krystal Meyer, Jim Mitchell, Ally Palmer, Courtney Quin, Jacinta Robertson, Chloe Rosenberg, Sebastian Sabir, Annette Schweikert, Emily Simmons, CJ Slattery, Bella Speranza, Daniel Taylor, Laura Vassallo, Daniel Walsh, Susanne Waters, Ella Whelan, Mirrae Youssef