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Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

The Concourse, Chatswood  ( Theatre )

9 - 24 January 2015

We are very excited to announce our brand new venture, PACKEMIN YOUTH PRODUCTIONS. Each January, we will be staging a full production at The Concourse in Chatswood, and featuring the best young performers in Sydney aged 20 years and under. Our first production will be the family classic JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT in January 2015.

Production Team

Director Neil Gooding & Jordan Vassallo
Musical Director Peter Hayward
Choreographer Katrina Gooding
Assistant Musical Director Rachel Kelly
Assistant Choreographer Jayme Jo Massoud
Set Designer Simon Greer
Lighting Designer Sean Clarke
Sound Designer Simon Koenig
Props Co-ordinator Jody Hooker
Children Rebecca Mann
Publicist Monique Kowalczyk
Technical Director Neil Shotter


Special Guest Star Sam Moran as Jacob

Full Cast List

Joseph Imraan Daniels
Narrator Harmony Lovegrove
Jacob Special Guest Star Sam Moran
Pharaoh Henry Wright
Potiphar Tom Gustard
Mrs Potiphar Ashley Roberts
Judah Barret Griffin
Butler Alexander Young
Baker Nicholas Paton


Nicholas Bell, Tom Gustard, Joseph Howe, Tom Jenkins, Brandon Koolloos, Nicholas Paton, Cameron Shields, Anthony Slaven, Joshua Williams, Alexander Young


Jessica Balzer, Bec Campbell, Chloe Chua, Hannah Gwatkin, Bethany Harrison, Ashleigh Lopez, Jayme Jo Massoud, Ashleigh Moon, Matilda Simmons, Ksenia Teliatnikova, Tilly Webb

Senior Ensemble

Ben Anderson, Jessica Andrew, Alexander Bernes, Frankie Bouchier, Corey Burnett, Amy Carmichael, Byron Davis, Daniella Delfin, Krystal Docker, Eleanor Foster, Bethany Friend, Zachary Goldfinch, Annaliese Hall, Sian Hamilton, Rachel Hertz, Jussi Jenssen, Clare London, Hannah Mackay, Joel Mallett, Annabel McConnachie, Lachlan Oldfield, Stephanie Schwenke, Abigail Smith, Kathryn Solomou, Alyssa Statham, Carina Van Der Heyde, Katia van Hilten

Featured Children's Ensemble

Alexander Teliatnikov, Analiese Cosentino, Ashlee Juergens, Charlees Herbert, David Cumiskey, Ella Whelan, Emma Ross, Gabrielle Vaggis, Gemma Chua-Tran, Georgia D'Amico, Imogen Van-Stolk, Jessie Massoud, Julia Thompson, Kayla Wong, Luke Schofield, Natalie Ng, Natalie Theodore, Nicholas Cradock, Shardae Abdishou, Sienna Bingham, Zara Apro, Zoe Panas

Children's Ensemble - Blue Cast

Libby Abadee, Zoe Allsopp Lander, Olivia Bevilacqua, Francesca Bisson, Adrienne Bloom, Madison Bloom, Daniel Chenu, Alessandra Delfin, Hayden Dennis, Amelia Dooley, Ashleigh Englemann, Natalie Epstein, Elle Fletcher, Leah Francis, Ava Harmey, Lana Harmey, Ruby Hawken, Hannah Hayes, Lara Higgins Bush, Kristen Hockley, Miriam Jackson, Liam Kirley, Bianca Love, Corben Madden, Lilou Madden, Ainsley Meale, Lauren O'Loughlin, Lua Pellegrini, Noah Saada, Topaz Saada, Charlotte Sodbinov, Olivia Sodbinov, Olivia Spiteri

Children's Ensemble - Green Cast

Amy Alexander, Miki Apro, Miriam Arnold, Eloise Brewin, Alexander Campbell, Grace Campbell, Madeleine Campbell, Maryanna Coppini, Caity Cradock, Joy Decelis, Joshua Dormor, Charlotte Feather, Ainsley Gardiner, Emily Gilkes, Ariol Gold, Liberty Herbert, Alisha Huang, Madelon James, Corben Jubian, Rosie Kenny, Karina Kowalczyk, , Isabella Lee, Jade Lee, Caitlyn Morales, Emma Northridge, Phoebe Oldfield, Adam Pratt, Erin Pratt, Keala Pringley, Maddison Pritchard, Poppy Schulz, Jeremy Stone, Logan Stone, Mikayla Waters, Sarah Yeend

Children's Ensemble - Red Cast

Ebony Conroy, Georgia Conroy, Maddison Conroy, Dominique Cravero, Julien Cravero, Larisa Cronin, Sarah Currie, Caitlyn Dunk, Lucy Gray, Natalie Harvey, Clara Hogg, William Hunt, Tanisha Ivanoff, Gemma Layton, Kayla Levin, Amy Levinson, Alexandra Lossy, Jazmin Mancuso, Grace Murphy, Helena Power, Stephen Power, Annaliese Ross, Grace Rowland, Tara Selvakumaraswamy, Emily Simmons, Matthew Simmons, Jack Talty, Lachlan Taylor, Courtney Thompson, Chloe Tooker, Olivia Trani, Lucy Van Der Heyde, Karisma Wood, Rahni Wood

Children's Ensemble - Yellow Cast

Yasmine Alwakal, Charlotte Arkle, Jeremy Barons, Mia Beninati, Kate Blyth, Skyelar Broxterman, Keanna Cifuentes, Catherine Claxton, Ella Commins, Shaely Commins, Kylie Cortejos, Kate Edney, Stephen Edney, Jordyn Elliott, Georgia Fraser, Michelle Hamilton, Reuben Hann, Silas Hann, Cameron Hogan, Amelia Hughes, Nicola Hutchinson, Laura Penn, Emma Ramsey, Morgan Roberts, Mya-Rose San Diego, James Walter, Samuel Walter, Anxia Wentworth-Ping, Joshua Williams, Jasmine Wong, Isabel Young


"There has never been a more joyful production of Joseph than this one, or if there has been one it's hiding. A funny-but-not-quite-silly, largely secular storybook re-telling of the bible story..." - Aussie Theatre 

"Onto the stage burst the very close to twenty-year-old Imraan Daniels as Joseph. He sang impressively and was credible as he led the story from beloved spoilt son, to slave, to prisoner to Prime Minister." - Stage Whispers

"Neil Gooding has a great eye for musical theatre; in his family shows he knows how to attract and direct restless attention and keep little eyes and minds busy. His shows are colourful and fast-paced but never too busy, and his fresh approach to twinkle-in-the-eye comedy is perfect for Joseph, which can never be staged with an entirely straight face." - Aussie Theatre