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The Concourse, Chatswood  ( Theatre )

13-28 January 2017

Following their hit productions of Joseph And The Amazing Tecnicolor Dreamcoat and Back To The 80's, Packemin Youth Productions returns to the Concourse in a massive new production of one of the worlds's favourite musicals....CATS!

With Special Guest Star SIMON PRYCE (The Wiggles, The Phantom Of The Opera) as Old Deuteronomy / Bustopher Jones

Composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, and based on Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats by T. S. Eliot. The musical tells the story of a tribe of cats called the Jellicles and the night they make what is known as "The Jellicle Choice" and decide which cat will ascend to the Heavyside Layer and come back to a new life. It features the iconic musical theatre song "Memory".

Production Team

Director Craig Stewart
Musical Director Alex Ash & Peter Hayward
Choreographer Sophie Gospodarczyk
Set Designer Neil Shotter
Costume Designer Audrey Currie
Lighting Designer James Wallis
Sound Designer David Grigg
Make-up Co-ordinator Karen Lamont-Barnett
Assistant Director Jessica Fallico
Assistant Choreographer Cameron Boxall
Stage Manager Josh Stringer
Props Co-ordinator Mary Bentley
Children's Co-ordinator Laurel Simmons, Zoe Van Stolk & Vanessa Whelan
Publicist Laura Vassallo


Simon Pryce as Old Deuteronomy / Bustopher Jones

Full Cast List

Old Deuteronomy / Bustopher Jones Simon Pryce
Grizabella Harmony Lovegrove
Munkustrap Noah Mullins
Rum Tum Tugger Joshua Ridge
Bombalurina Chloe Malek
Demeter Giorgia Kennedy
Jellylorum Katia Van Hilten
Jennyanydots Lana Domeney
Mungojerrie Jamie Smith
Rumpleteaser Laura Bunting
Gus / Quaxo Joe Howe
Growltiger Cameron Bajraktarevic-Hayward
Griddlebone Kirralee Elliott
Skimbleshanks Daniel Wijngaarden
Mr Mistoffelees Noah Godsell
Alonzo / Rumpus Cat / Macavity Dominic Clarke
Cassandra Matilda Simmons
Victoria Isobel Grundy
Jemima Sasha Rose
Old Deuteronomy u/s Christopher Hamilton
Grizabella u/s Kirralee Elliott
Griddlebone u/s Kate Carey
Bustopher Jones u/s Joe Howe
Jemima u/s Julia Manias


Sophie Andrews, Madison Austin, Braydon Blackhall, Kate Carey, Dominique Cravero, Charlotte Davison, Ashleigh Engelmann, Piper Escott, Dylan Freeman, Patrick Friedlander, Genevieve Gardiner, Alyssa Goodall, Ruby Hawken, Siobhan Lynch, Hannah Mackay, Julia Manias, Allegra Monk, Jude Paddon-Row, Ally Palmer, Ethan Puse, Ashley Roberts, Emma Ross, Tonny Shim, Emily Simmons, Jemima Smith, Isabella Taylor, Kiana Togiapoe, Sophie Tzioumis, Abby Van Balkom, Lucas Van Rhijn, Imogen Van-Stolk, Maddie Williams

Junior Ensemble - Kittens

Zoe Allsopp Lander, Chloe Apps, Jasmine Argyropoulos, Anetta Bacic, Leilani Balewai, Sophia Barnard, Phoebe Barnett, Erica Blazey, Charlotte Bradford Bickle, Rosalie Brice, Simone Briggs, Georgia Campbell, Madeleine Campbell, Sophie Casha, Alyssa Cass, Tahliya Chanthavanheuang, Tara Chapman, Luka Chetcuti, Elena Coppola, Stella Coppola, Julien Cravero, Sarah Currie, Joanne Edney, Natalie Epstein, Malayah Evans, Tasha Feldman, Jake Fisher, Chloe Gardener, Ainsley Gardiner, Malou Gerretsen, Rachel Gibson, Rafael Gill, Mimi Govers, Carys Hakin, Sophie Han, Silas Hann, Eva Harris, Brianna Hicking, Jessica Hill, Takali Hoogendyk, Alicia Hooper, Taleeya Ilagan, Sienna Irwin, Anabel Ivin, Charlotte Siyoung Kang, Rosie Kenny, Alexandra Kis, Charlee Kwintner, Mia Kwintner, Brooke Lang, Zoe Lang, Bianca Langenheim, Sienna Langenheim, Gemma Layton, Cora Ledwith, Jade Lee, Kayla Levin, Grace Losco, Cassandra Losurdo, Ashleigh Lowe-Yip, Jasmin Mancuso, Breeana Mattison, Georgia McDowell, Emily Miller, Blake O’Mara, Lucette Old, Ben Park, Isabella Park, Maya Price, Imogen Pride, Keala Pringley, Tiana Pringley, Alisa Rassadina, Oscar Rayel, Skye Real, Meghan Rogers, Jessica Rose, Talena Saumaitoga, Summer Seckold, Amelia Seeto, Holly Simon, Stella Simpson Morgan, Anna Smith, Eloise Smith, Isabella Stone, Autumn Sydir, Jack Talty, Ella Tavner, Olivia Taylor, Savannah Taylor, Mia Thomas, Indianna Thompson, Julia Thompson, Lucy Van Der Heyde, Josiah Van-Stolk, Brianna Webster, Savannah Whalley, Evie Young, Lauren Young


"If you have never seen Cats before or it is your "umpteenth time", this production will not disappoint. Packemin Productions is the best youth theatre in Sydney." - Stage Whispers 

"In fact, the entire senior cast and ensemble were a sheer and utter delight to watch. All of the major cat roles were cast splendidly and each performer embodied the character of their assigned cat with maturity, grace and accomplished talent far beyond their young years." - Theatre People 

"Our Grizabella, in tattered purple satin, a red gash for a mouth and streaked eyes, was given a striking, poignant performance by Harmony Lovegrove. Her signature song Memory was sung wistfully and brought the house down." - Sydney Arts Guide