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Beauty And The Beast

Riverside Theatres, Parramatta  ( Riverside Theatre )

18 July - 2 August 2014

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST starred Scott Irwin (Les Miserables, Beauty And The Beast) as The Beast, Donna Lee (Les Miserables, High School Musical) as Mrs Potts and Adam Scicluna (Mo Award Winner, The Wizard Of Oz) as Cogsworth.

Production Team

Director Neil Gooding
Musical Director Peter Hayward
Choreographer Camilla Jakimowicz
Set Designer Bob Peet
Costume Designer Cassandra Pascoli
Lighting Designer Sean Clarke
Sound Designer Simon Koenig
Assistant Director Mark Power & Jordan Vassallo
Assistant Choreographer Danielle Carter & Katrina Gooding
Stage Manager Neil Shotter
Props Co-ordinator Karen Hooker
Children Rebecca Mann
Dialect Consultant Jennifer White
Publicist Monique Kowalczyk


Scott Irwin as The Beast
Donna Lee as Mrs Potts
Adam Scicluna as Cogsworth

Full Cast List

Belle Kelsi Boyden
The Beast Scott Irwin
Mrs Potts Donna Lee
Gaston Danny Folpp
Lumiere David Tucker
Cogsworth Adam Scicluna
Lefou David Collins
Maurice Mark Power
Babette Rebecca Matheson
Chip Jacob Licastro / Sam Wood
Monsieur D'Arque Michael Johnson
Silly Girls Nikole Music, Ashleigh O'Brien, Emma Paton, Jessica Rookeward
Madame De La Grand Bouche Inara Molinari
Belle (Understudy) Ashleigh O'Brien
The Beast (Understudy) Michael Johnson
Mrs Potts (Understudy) Natalie Davis-Pratt
Monsieur D'Arque (Understudy) Levi Gardner

Adult Ensemble

Karen Astill, Steven Brown, Maddison Burton, Maree Calabria, Phoebe Cameron–Lee, Loredana Cross, Jesse Curnow, Sarah Cutler, Natalie Davis–Pratt, Corey Dohmen, Paul Duncan, Bayley Edmends, Stephanie Edmonds, Melissa Faehrmann, Laura Farran, Lucy Fisher, Branden Gallagher, Jarrad Gallagher, Levi Gardner, Bradley Gavin, Kara Green, Barret Griffin, Tom Gustard, Tamasin Howard, Jacky James, Belinda Johnston, Luke Lamond, Patrick Lee, Kira Leiva, Jessica Lingotti, Boshko Maksimovic, Rebecca Mann, JaymeJo Massoud, Chidi Mbakwe, Katie Michaelis, Jim Mitchell, Eamon Moses, Nikole Music, Amy Neville, Ashleigh O’Brien, Stephen Ollis, Chris Pappas, Emma Paton, Lauren Paul, Liam Peel, Taylah Piercy, Jim Pini, Brad Roe, Jessica Rookeward, Benjamin Roorda, Chloe Rosenberg, Danielle Rowe, Emma Scarlis, Jessica Sheather, Charlotte Snedden, Megan Walshe, Alyssa Wilkins, Mirrae Youssef, Elanna Zapirain

Children's Ensemble

Sophie Andrews, Jasmine Argyropoulos, Kristian Babian, Stella Barahona, Aisha Barr, Sienna Bingham, Laura Bunting, Giulia Campos, Amelia Caruana, Isabella Colusso, Analiese Cosentino, Liam Costello, Julien Cravero, Elisa Dagosto, Ashleigh Englemann, Renee Hampson, Heath Jelovic, Jacob Licastro, Jessie Massoud, Caitlin Roach, Alessia Spano, Leah Taggart, Isabella Taylor, Ava Toms, Gabrielle Vaggis, Kayla Wong, Sam Wood


"With a magical set and a burly chorus, there are glimpses of a full-blown mainstage musical of epic proportions. A stand-out performance from the versatile and nuanced Adam Sculia as Cogsworth and clever, clean choreography from Camilla Jakimowicz add to the pretty picture." - Aussie Theatre 

"Under the direction of Neil Gooding this musical set a brisk pace throughout.....Camilla Jakimowicz's choreography was a delight as always and the musical direction of Peter Hayward never missed a beat." - Stage Whispers 

"We are then introduced to Belle [Kelsi Boyden] a beautiful, highly principled and wise young woman. Her costume was simple and this added to the sweetness of her character. Her enchanting singing and poised presence on the stage was charming...A star of the future was before our eyes and ears." - Culture Concept Circle