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Riverside Theatres, Parramatta  ( Riverside Theatre )

7 - 22 February 2014

Leapin' Lizards! Little Orphan Annie is hitting the Riverside Theatre stage in one of the world's best-loved musicals.

With equal measures of pluck and positivity, Annie charms everyone's hearts, despite a next-to-nothing start in 1930's New York City. She is determined to find her parents, who abandoned her on the doorstep of a New York City Orphanage, run by the cruel, embittered Miss Hannigan, played by the sensational Amanda Muggleton (Prisoner, Hello Dolly, Shirley Valentine).

With the help of the other girls in the Orphanage, Annie escapes to the wondrous and magical world of NYC where she meets billionaire Oliver Warbucks, his personal secretary Grace Farrell, and a lovable mutt named Sandy. Musical theatre star Rodney Dobson (Wicked, Miss Saigon, The Full Monty) will be playing the charismatic and sophisticated New York 'zillionaire'  Oliver 'Daddy' Warbucks. Song and dance man, Christopher Horsey (Hot Shoe Shuffle, Bootmen, Singin' in The Rain) will play the charismatic conman Rooster.

Boasting a classic Broadway score with hit song after hit song including Tomorrow, It's The Hard Knock Life, Maybe and Little Girls, ANNIE is a spectacular production that will delight audiences of all ages.

Production Team

Director Luke Joslin
Musical Director Peter Hayward
Choreographer Camilla Jakimowicz
Set Designer Simon Greer
Lighting Designer Sean Clarke
Sound Designer Simon Koenig
Technical Director Neil Shotter
Assistant Choreographer Katrina Gooding & Kristina McNamara
Make-up Co-ordinator Lyn Joslin
Children Rebecca Mann
Dialect Consultant Jennifer White


Amanda Muggleton as Miss Hannigan
Rodney Dobson as Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks
Christopher Horsey as Rooster

Full Cast List

Annie Stella Barahona
Annie Alternate Isabella Taylor
Miss Hannigan Amanda Muggleton
Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks Rodney Dobson
Grace Farrell Melody Beck
Rooster Christopher Horsey
Lily St Regis Aimee Timmins
President Franklin Roosevelt Christopher Hamilton
Drake John Adams
Bert Healy Mark Power
Lieutenant Ward Andrew Davis
Bundles Simon Greer
Orphan - Pepper Matilda Simmons
Orphan - July Keira Bellifemine
Orphan - Duffy Laura Bunting
Orphan - Tessie Emily Roach
Orphan- Kate Sophie Andrews
Orphan - Friday Gemma Nha
Orphan - Molly Shaely Commins
Orphan - Mary Jayme-Jo Massoud
Orphan - June Emily Simmons
Orphan - Missy Isabella Taylor
The Boylan Sisters Danielle Carter, Melissa Faehrmann & Megan Walshe
Mrs Pugh Inara Molinari
Mrs Greer Belinda Johnston
Star To Be Alessandra Bizzinelli
Ickes Andrew Davis
Morganthau Luke Lamond
Hull Simon Greer
Howe Levi Gardner
Perkins Inara Molinari
Cabinet Members Jim Mitchell, Mark Power, Jordan Vassallo
Wacky Jordan Vassallo
Jimmy Johnson Jim Mitchell
Radio Producer Belinda Johnston
Miss Hannigan Understudy Inara Molinari
Mrs Pugh / Perkins Understudy Suzanne Spiteri

Adult Ensemble

Ben Anderson, Karen Astill, Tamara Bailey, Cameron Boxall, Fiona Brennan, Danielle Carter, Jesse Curnow, Andrew Davis, Annie Denton, Lana Domeny, Paul Duncan, Melissa Faehrmann, Levi Gardner, Simon Greer, Isaac Grouse, Lauren Kate Hollingworth, Sam Holmes, Jacky James, Belinda Johnson, Jessica Kelly, Leonie Klopper, Luke Lamond, Andrew Lindsay, Boshko Maksimovic, Katie Michaelis, Jim Mitchell, Inara Molinari, Eamon Moses, Amy Neville, Jim Pini, Mark Power, Brad Roe, Ebony Rowell, Lynda Sanders, Suzanne Spiteri, Jordan Vassallo, Megan Walshe, Emma Whiteley, Bianca Wood, Kaylie Yan, Elanna Zapirain

Orphan Ensemble - Blue Cast

Alexis Argyropoulos, Jasmine Argyropoulos, Ruby Barahona, Aisha Barr, Cassidy Bonnor, Giulia Campos, Ashlyn Clarke, Elisa Dagosto, April Foreshew, Bronte Foreshew, Sian Hamilton, Hannah Hayes, Miriam Jackson, Lucy Jarvis, Keeley McCahon, Cassandra Pace, Erin Pratt, Maya Price, Caitlin Roach, Madison Russo, Chloe Ryan, Mia-Marie Spano, Kiana Togiapoe, Ula Venckus, Ruby Wood

Orphan Ensemble - Green Cast

Charlotte Arkle, Amelia Caruana, Isabella Colusso, Analiese Cosentino, Ashleigh Engelmann, Ashleigh James, Sophie Klopper, Alexi Marshall, Brooke McGlynn, Jordan Miller, Erica Mirarchi, India Morpeth, Chloe Naumovski, Paris Naumovski, Olivia Paras, Pyper Marchant Parlett, Jayde Perenara, Chloe Poole, Laine Robertson, Emma Ross, Kiara Sciberras, Laura Taylor, Monique Tedesco, Gabrielle Vaggis, Tiahna Whitley, Kayla Wong

Orphan Ensemble - Red Cast

Ashley Arezo, Adrienne Bloom, Ashley Blunden, Ella Commins, Stella Coppola, Alexandra Coulton, Dominque Cravero, Caitlyn Dunk, Mitzi Gardner, Renee Hampson, Abira Niye Harvey, Natalie Harvey, Julia Manning, Jessie Massoud, Sophie McDonald, Zoe Panas, Isabella Park, Ashley Sekura, Amber – Jade Smith, Delta Tabbernal, Olivia Tabbernal, Lucy Todd, Imogen Van-Stolk, Ella Whelan, Jamie Wilbow


"Little Orphan Annie (Stella Barahona) is as plucky as ever, charming and charmingly abrasive. When she escapes the orphanage and awful Miss Hannigan (Amanda Muggleton, clearly having the time of her life), we root for her, and when she gets out to visit with Oliver Warbucks, we're thrilled for her." - Theatre People 

"You'd need to have a heart of stone not to love this Annie. And heart is something Packemin's joyous production has in trumps." - Stage Whispers 

"The featured orphans are all capable young performers – their solo dialogue and musical lines can so easily be lost, but the projection and delivery of all these girls was excellent.... The members of the bigger orphan ensemble shine with high energy, enthusiasm and an obvious sense of delight at being on stage." - Stage Whispers